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Trials and Dinners – Dana The Intern – Week 4 July 15, 2008

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I cannot believe my internship excursion is half done, and that I will be leaving the Bay area in a few weeks! Week 4 was a week of sharing dinners with friends, being told I look like “Jessica Simpson” by annoying people in a bar, and having Dell tech support employees tell me I need a new operating system for a notebook that is 3 months old!

Believe it or not last week was the first time I spent Monday through Friday at the Knitwhits studio. Between all the traveling I was able to do the past few weeks I never spent a full week here. I was concerned by the end of the week I would run out of work to do, or that Tina and I would be sick of each other, but neither of those happened. This week I spent a lot of time perfecting the Kit Guide Book I was working on from last week. I began organizing the products into categories, downloading the pictures for each kit, and then inputting the items that belong in each kit. I also continued to work on the Pattern of the Week emails. They seem to be generating business and bumping up her web traffic, which is excellent. The theory is that the more people start browsing her website the more likely they will buy products off of it!



My goal before I leave Knitwhits is to boost her web traffic by 10% from last year! Hopefully this will be reflected in an increase in sales too. (Tina here.. hmm .. seeing an increase and lots of jumping around from last month.. something’s going on that’s for sure! 🙂 )

We started talking more about reorganizing the studio and went to several stores to get ideas on how to make the studio more effective. We are trying techniques to reduce time on making kits, and being able to see what yarn needs to be reordered instantly. Overall if we can find a solution this will save time and money in the end. And now Tina is introducing me to power tools. Never did I imagine I would be working with those during a Fiber Arts internship! She came up with this great idea to make peg shelves to hang her yarn for easy accessibility. Being the creative person she is, she decided we are going to build them ourselves. (Err.. we are? Nah, you’re the intern.. that’s what you’re here for!) If it were me I would just go to IKEA, and buy something that would do the trick, however Tina told me “In order to get exactly what you want, you create exactly what you want!” We went to Home Depot bought some 2×3 wood, screws, and a saw – we will soon be on our way.

The end of my week became a disaster when my computer crashed. Unfortunately Tina had to see my impatient side, a side of me I hoped she would not have to experience. My computer decided it was not going to connect to internet explorer, because of a family safety feature malfunction. At first I was calm about the situation, however by the end of the day when Dell told me I needed a new operating system I was outraged. Turns out they were too incompetent to research the problem, and decided not to call me back after we got disconnected. Tina took a lot of time trying to help me find a solution; but ultimately my amazing Father was able to figure out the problem (long distance from home!) and walked me through how to fix it. By that night my hair was sticking straight up from me pulling on it all day, but the computer was fixed and I was happy.  

3 gals at Rudy's

3 gals at Rudy's

Later on that week I met a friend of hers, Mia, and the three of us went to dinner at Rudy’s Cant Fail Café. Mia used to work for Tina at the Knitwhits studio, so we swapped stories all evening about living in the Bay area and working for Tina. The food was excellent of course; I have yet to eat a bad meal here. It is a great place to go if you are looking for a casual place to eat, and food on the menu that will please anyone’s appetite.

I spent my free time this week learning how to research information on Ravelry. I joined the PiPN group, and I am hoping to talk with other students about what they have learned so far on their internship. I want to share my experiences as well, and get some ideas of other things we can do before I leave. I think Ravelry is an awesome site to share your interests with others, and promote your products for your business as well.

Mark, Allegra, Aaron and I at Tamarindo

Mark, Allegra, Aaron and I at Tamarindo

Saturday night was another great night of dining and great company. Aaron and I went to dinner with some friends of his, Mark and Allegra, who are two people I always look forward to seeing when I come to the Bay area. We went to a place called The Trappist before dinner for some drinks, and then we had dinner at Tamarindo. This restaurant serves excellent Mexican food along with great margaritas! Poor Mark happened to eat a habanero pepper by accident, and was in some pain throughout dinner, but he did manage to recover from it. I always tell Aaron it is hard to come across great people, and I am fortunate that I have met Mark and Allegra.

I find it fascinating being able to meet all of the people that I have. The Bay area is a great place to talk to people who have a variety of interests and hobbies. One thing I know is not to judge a book by its cover, you can always find something good in everyone. I hope I can pass that trait on to others.