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Seeing through the clutter – Dana The Intern – Week 7 August 5, 2008

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I finally recouped from the Seattle trip, and this week was the week for reorganization.  Tina and I finished making the shelves to store her yarn and it was time for it to all come together.   

I separated all her yarn into categories by company. All the yarn is in one area by her work table, so she does not have to go far to get what she needs.  Everything is visible to where she can tell right away when she is out of a certain color; therefore she can place an order immediately.  There is now a shipping area where all her boxes, stuffing, and tape are together.  Now there is no more shifting things around, in order to find the right size box to send an order out.  Tina also has a section of shelves where all her left over yarn is.  That yarn consists mostly of discontinued colors, and she keeps miscellaneous accessories in there.  When we were all done I decided that she had too much scrap yarn that she needed to get rid of.  It was taking up to much work space, and she would never know it was gone.  It was like pulling teeth for “Little Miss Pack Rat”, but I got her to donate the scraps of yarn to a local middle school teacher.  She is going to use the yarn for teaching her students to knit.  What a great idea bringing young knitters into the world!

I ended up making reservations at the Extended Stay Hotel in Emeryville, so I would have a place to stay the last week of my internship.  What an ordeal it was trying to check into that place.  I decided to stay there, because of the reasonable rate, however I definitely got what I am paying for.  They over booked all of the non-smoking rooms, so when I checked the only room available was smoking.  I was exhausted from packing and moving all my things that I did not argue I just smiled and said okay.  When I entered the room the horrible smell hit me like a ton of bricks!  There was cigarette burns all over the bedspread, and the room felt dirty.  I could not stay there!  Aaron agreed the room was disgusting, so he let me crash on his couch that night.  I do not know what I would have done had he not let me stay there.  So we loaded up all my belongings in his car, unloaded them at his house, and then the next morning packed the car again and unloaded it all at Tina’s.  That afternoon Tina took me back to the hotel with all my stuff and we made sure that I would be placed in a non-smoking room.  Needless to say the room was non-smoking, but it still had a musty foul scent to it.  I am looking forward to being in my own place, and not having to live out of a suit case for a while!

This past weekend Aaron’s sister Jenny and her boyfriend Marc came for a visit from LA, and we spent some time at the wineries in Napa.  That is my favorite place to go, and I had not been there this summer.  We had a blast at this winery called Luna’s.  The guy pouring our wine was hilarious, and he does his job well, because we left there with a few bottles of wine in hand!  He was so nice that Jenny and I could not leave without taking a picture with him.  I think he enjoyed our company for the short while we there.  Napa Valley is my place of recommendation this week.  Anyone that has not been there needs to go see the beautiful wineries, and taste the excellent wine.  I have been to several wineries and the best ones to experience are right here in Northern California.

It has been a great being able to share my stories on this blog.  Next week will be my last one, and I am sad to say I will be making my journey back home to the Midwest.  My time at the Knitwhits studio and the Bay area has been a great experience.  I have been able to make lasting friendships with great people, and have a mind full of spectacular memories.  I hope that other PiPN interns take this opportunity and make the most of it.