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Saying Goodbye – Dana The Intern – Week 8 August 12, 2008

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The most exciting 2 months of my life are coming to an end today, as I make my way back to Cleveland, Ohio this weekend.  I am leaving with a lifetime of memories, mostly good and some bad.  I have learned more about myself in these past months than I ever have before.  The one aspect of myself I thought I would have figured out by now is what I will be doing with my life when my internship is over.  At this point I have no idea, and it is very frightening!  I have met so many amazing people out here, who have made great career choices, and I know I want that to be me too someday.

This week Tina and I have been tying up loose ends in the studio.  We recapped all the projects I did to make sure they were complete.  We finished cleaning the studio, and made a Goodwill donation and scheduled a Salvation Army pickup.  We discussed more details about Stitches Midwest in Chicago, and I tried to help Tina pack boxes of merchandise to send to the show.  I always feel so badly for her when she is frantically trying to figure out what to take!  To this day I still do not know what to take to the shows.  You have no way of knowing if the merchandise you take might not be what people wanted, and the merchandise you do not even think to take is what could have sold.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to figure this out please let us know.

On Monday Tina and I went to a knitting group at her friend Bridget’s house.  I never knew these existed until this summer.  It is a lot of fun, because everyone sits around and knits and catches up on their day to day experiences.  If you are needing ideas on how to do certain knitting techniques there are people there as well to help you out.  I am going to join one back home if any exist.

On Thursday Tina and I met up with another designer, Maggie Pace of Pick Up Sticks, so I could see another aspect of the knitting industry.  I had a great time getting to know her, and taking a tour of her studio.  Her latest addition to her studio is an industrial yarn winder, which she says cuts a week’s worth of work into one day.  It has made her life much easier and I can see why when I saw the machine operating.  It was a great opportunity for me to meet another great designer who works hard and has a fabulous product!

My final restaurant recommendation for the blog would have to be Chevy’s.  Aaron took me there with some friends for my birthday, and we had a great a time.  Tina came as well, which was great because she got to meet some of Aaron’s friends.  We toasted to turning 27 with margaritas and ate some great Mexican food.  The Chevy’s in Emeryville sits right on the water and you get a great view of the Bay while you eat.

For my last paragraph I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for taking the time to read my weekly blogs.  I hope everyone has enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.  Aaron has also been great to me the whole time I have been here.  He spent many days and nights driving me everywhere I needed to go, he made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived and included me always in plans with his friends.  Thank you Aaron, you’re the best.  I have to thank my family for supporting me through all my years of school.  They never doubted my abilities to achieve my goals, and without them I would never be able to call myself a college graduate!  Thank you for being an amazing family!  Lastly I want to thank Tina for taking the time to mentor me and take me under her wing and teach me the in’s and out’s of running a business.  She also spent much time teaching me to knit, making sure I was well fed, and listening to all my issues I encountered with my drunken roommate.  I have made another great friend, and have learned so much from her these past two months.