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Knitting Tip #8 – Increasing and Decreasing – Bramble and Stanley September 12, 2008

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OK, so by now you’ve probably figured out my other newest obsession (in addition to swimming) is my new little video cam.

This new tutorial covers the increases and decreases that we used on Bramble and Stanley. Sonya and I went around in circles on this one a bit as I preferred a less visible increase for the designs over the standard kfb that she had used throughout. She caved compromised and allowed me to make the edits to her design. Of course, I picked an invisible increase that is a little less common and it has led to a few confused emails from customers. Hopefully to ease this “pain” this new tutorial will show all the increases and decreases used throughout these two designs. Some of it most of you will already know (k2tog/ssk) but others may be new to you.

Let me know what you think!


Knitting Tip #7 – Tuck Stitch – Ripley Hat

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One question I get a lot at trade shows is on how the ridges on the Ripley Hat are created. My standing response is: “I could tell you but.. ” or “Guess you’ll have to buy the pattern!”. But then I of course give a quick explanation.

Hopefully by creating this video I’m not completely shooting myself in the foot here and people will continue to buy this pattern after I post the video! I feel a bit as though I’m giving away a trade secret – although, ultimately, the tuck stitch is really nothing new.. I certainly didn’t invent or unvent it.

So, here’s the new tutorial – enjoy! (Tell me what you think by leaving a comment – or go to the video on YouTube and give me a star or two.. – if you like it!)


Knitting Tip #6 – Knitting a Braided Edge September 7, 2008

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In this tutorial you will learn how to do a two-color cast on using the long-tail cast on method, followed by instructions on how to create a knitted braid – I bet it’s easier than you think!
To order the pattern or kit featured in this tutorial, visit (available in 3 colorways).

Let us know what you think of our tutorial!
Happy Knitting,



It’s official – I’m A Director!

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I just finished working on my first, of hopefully many, video tutorials that will be available on the Knitwhits site, and on this blog too (if I can get it to work!).

This was quite the project, but a lot of fun. On Friday I bought a little Flip Ultra Video Cam, just a little cheapo thing, but actually for its price and size, the quality is not bad. Now, I’m not looking to challenge KnittyGritty here, this is strictly home video – I have no aspirations to conquer the video world, but this sure is fun to do!

I have to say, my experience of being on Knitty Gritty and the Shay Pendray show helped a lot with the format – and I think it works. Though on those shows it was pretty much one take and your done, here at the studio I can (and have to) retake many times. Though, they were right, if you think it through too much you just keep screwing it up more and more.

I taped a bunch on Friday night, started playing with the editing, but there were a few things that I needed first. So, on Saturday I went into the city and got my nails done.. you gotta look good for this, you know? I also got a pedi too, since I figured.. well.. you have to keep the host of the show happy.. (I found this place, Elegant Nails, on Yelp with rave reviews, and yep, they did a great job for a reasonable price, and they were genuinely nice!)

Taped it all last night, then went out with friends to clear my head (went to see the new Woody Allen.. (meh, ok, but Javier Bardim sure is a hottie.. anyway, I digress..). Worked on the editing today.. fortunately this is all a bit familiar from Art College – and it was fun!

So, it’s Sunday afternoon and I have a 5:48 video tutorial done, posted to You Tube and in the new Knitwhits Facebook group – now to post it here – tell me what you think! I have about 20 more planned projects, but they will take a while.. (yippee – more manicures!)