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Knitting Tip #7 – Tuck Stitch – Ripley Hat September 12, 2008

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One question I get a lot at trade shows is on how the ridges on the Ripley Hat are created. My standing response is: “I could tell you but.. ” or “Guess you’ll have to buy the pattern!”. But then I of course give a quick explanation.

Hopefully by creating this video I’m not completely shooting myself in the foot here and people will continue to buy this pattern after I post the video! I feel a bit as though I’m giving away a trade secret – although, ultimately, the tuck stitch is really nothing new.. I certainly didn’t invent or unvent it.

So, here’s the new tutorial – enjoy! (Tell me what you think by leaving a comment – or go to the video on YouTube and give me a star or two.. – if you like it!)


4 Responses to “Knitting Tip #7 – Tuck Stitch – Ripley Hat”

  1. Mitchie Griffin Says:

    Thanks! for the tutorial on the Ripley Hat. I purchased this months ago and this was very helpful! I tried working it in a solid color and it was very difficult to tell where I was and I gave up. I will try it again!

  2. Leona Says:

    Your instructions were very clear and informative. I was given “tuck stitch” as the name of a stitch for a scarf I’m making. But the scarf sample that I saw had a three dimensional waffle look to it. So, this stitch will not be applicable at this time. Nonetheless, I learned something new today. Thank you.

  3. evelyn Says:

    I thank you for sharing this information with another knitter. I loved the braid look on the hat. My question would be if this is a stitch that will stretch, or it is firm to its size. Hope you can get back to me with my email address.

    • Tina Says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      Are you referring to the tuck stitch (since this is where your post is) or the braided trim on the Siena Hat? In either case, they are just as stretchy as the rest of your knitting will be.

      Hope this helps,


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