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Starting over.. again October 14, 2008

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So we’re back to square one, or maybe square three, with Conservative Management for Freia’s torn ACL (CCL). She’d been doing well so I started upping her walks, but as I’ve done before, I pushed her too far, too soon. I let her play just ever so briefly with a neighbor’s dog and it was enough to aggravate her injury once more.

It’s so damn hard to know how much is too much as due to the nature of her injury she rarely shows any signs at all of pain or discomfort until it is really bad. I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself of when I can start to extend her walks again, slowly this time.. I figure starting from this past Monday for another 8 weeks of complete restriction puts me into the first week of December. I’ve really cut her back this time, and since she’s been so deprived anyway for the last few months, she’s not complaining too much. Today would then be Day 3 of 56 days.. ugh. Clearly I’m less disciplined than I thought.

To help us both, on the one brief walk that we do, I’m spending some time getting her to pull less and heel more, practising figure eights, getting her to pay attention to me as we walk. This way, if she does end up needing surgery, her walks will be more manageable, and besides, at her age, it’s about time she was a little more “mannered” when we are out and about.

I’m fairly sure there is some improvement as she is no longer grumpy with other dogs that she knows and the last day or so when she has sat down for a treat her right leg has, once again, been tucked in very straight. It doesn’t take much to show improvement, but it takes a lot to maintain that improved condition.

In the meantime I’m also researching surgical alternatives for her. My preference is for the least invasive option which in this case, for her size, would be the new Tightrope procedure. The trick is to find a local surgeon who has learned the technique, I’ve emailed the company that trains the surgeons but I’ve yet to hear back from them.

Hopefully by next spring she will be able to smother Bella with kisses at the park once more.