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False Alarm? May 17, 2009

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W_RJust a quickie here as I’ve been getting a few messages about the dog.

This may in the end have been a false alarm about her possible torn ACL in her other knee.

My dog, who is endlessly injured in one way or another (seriously I really do not suffer Baron Von Munchhausen syndrome.. ) recently ate a bunch of foxtails. Well.. I think her intention was to eat grass, but ate one foxtail, it aggravated her, so she ate more grass, etc etc.. 10 minutes later, she’s hacking, coughing, desperately trying to clear her throat and I’m on the phone to the vet.

By the time we get there she is a bit better, my vet thinks it OK to take a wait and see approach. Well I lasted about a day. She went in the morning of the 2nd day to be knocked out to get her throat checked as clearly something wasn’t right. Yup, she had a foxtail stuck in her tonsils. There was another that had abcessed in the side of her throat but they weren’t able to get anything from there.

Since she was being knocked out I asked also for a nail trim and for them to check her leg while she was sedated for any drawer movement.. Nothing. Though the vet said that there was some “lateral” movement, whatever that means, but no drawer movement. So, she has something wrong, but not yet needing any further action.

She came back from the vet very groggy (falling asleep standing up trying to watch me!! soooo cute!) I had to lay her down so she didn’t hurt herself! But no more throat clearing, so that was taken care of.

Three vet appts since the knee began bothering her and three different vets, but the concensus is to wait and see. I take her to the park daily for 1 – 1 1/2 hours and she barrels about, rock climbing, swimming, playing and ball chasing and is not even limping anymore, so maybe it was some sort of strain. If something bothers her I give her 1/4 of a Rimadyl and by the following morning she’s right as rain. And I’ve not even given her any for a couple of weeks now.. so.. your guess is as good as mine. Needless to say, I’m not worried right now about it.

Though of course she is limping once morel.. but, I should say, not limping from her knee..

Now she’s done something else.  Darn dog. I found another foxtail in her front paw which,  with a bit of a struggle she let me remove, but then she was limping madly – actually hopping –  on her back paw (operated leg). Poked around her toes for yet another foxtail but nothing. Later that night upon re-examination I found a pretty nasty slice in her paw pad, probably from the rocks at the dog park, or more likely some broken glass, as the cut is a clean slice.

Poor pup.. does it ever end?

In other news.. my latest obsession? Wardrobe_remix on flickr. I started a flickr group for the people that knit my designs to post their pictures, then one day was wearing an outfit that I liked, so.. it ended up on W_R.. and now? I think everyday about what I’m wearing. Working at home it’s easy enough to get sloppy. Especially when my primary outing is to the dog park – silly to look too nice there, you only are going to get covered in mud and slop from the goofy happy wet soppy dogs. But I don’t know, W_R is fun. It’s made me look at what I wear more carefully, and care about what I put together, even on a day when I don’t want to document my clothes. So the picture? it’s a wardrobe_remix one. My plan is to include Freia in each one.. I’ve only done a few, but it’s a start – if a late one.