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A Day without Limping July 19, 2008



It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, having deferred blogging to Dana.

Things are humming along, the new sweater patterns have been a big hit, i’m kicking myself that I didn’t move into doing sweaters earlier, but there is a time and place for everything.. I wear my Raffaela Sweater a lot, and get tons of compliments on it – always nice!

I’ve finished Marisa, actually I finished it on the plane ride back from TNNA, or something close to that, don’t remember exactly. Now that is being test-knitted by some wonderful Ravelers.. and so far so good, I wear that one a fair amount too, even though the colors are a far cry from what I would normally wear, I actually really like this one!



Now I’m working on a fourth Noro design, and have a fifth down on paper, with the yarn in a bag ready to go.. I have even a 6th one in mind after that too.. phew! When am I going to get these all done! I’m mentally onto the next while I’m still working two sweaters behind.. but I guess that’s a good thing.. It’s actually really nice having time to knit (sort of) and something on the needles..

In dog land, it’s my patience that is running out about not being able to walk the dog the time and distance we’ve done until  6 weeks ago..  We are down to 2 or 3 short walks a day, basically out to do her business and around the next block and back one time, and then all of around my building the other 2 times. Not much for an active dog and her human. I’ve successfully cut back on her food intake so she’s not really gained much weight, however modifying my own intake is a little harder and my jeans remind me of it.. solution? Buy larger jeans.. got new super cute jeans at Costco yesterday to accomodate my lack of walking.. there is some kind of backward logic to it.. hey, at least the jeans are still cute, if a size larger than I’m used to buying!

Of course, since it was Costco I also felt the need to get a lifetime supply of Basmati Rice, my new favorite, cooked up with Turmeric, chicken stock and a splash of curry, wow, the best rice I’ve ever made.. or at the very least a tie with my parmesan risotto.. At Costco they are also selling Paneer, Indian Cottage Cheese and just about one of my favorites.. who can resist fried cheese? They also have a coconut curry, so I make my own rather odd version of Mutter Paneer, with the cheese, coconut curry, and veggies with my super-duper basmati rice.. guess what’s on the stove right now? 😉



Freia has been going into the vet once a week for the last month for a shot of Legend and Adequan, one is an anti-inflammatory, the other acts as a supplement. I’ve also been giving her Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and I don’t know what else. The supplement dosages are probably on the lower side, but since the Adequan is similar from what I understand to the glucosamine/chondroitin combo, I don’t know.. I don’t want to overdo it.. but I will say, she’s ever so very slowly seeming to improve. If we cross paths with Kona, our neighbor’s dog, she will of course try to play and previously this would send her into a bout of severe limping, but now it has no residual effect on her, though I do still restrict her from getting too excited around Kona – I have to let them at least nuzzle a bit as it’s really the only other doggie contact she’s getting right now. When she walks, the limp is 98% invisible, and I only notice it as my eye is trained to it, to anyone watching her, they’d never guess she had any trouble. The only time I do see it is when she is standing still, then her back leg is not fully weighted, she is ever so slightly favoring it. I’ve read that’s the last thing to come back.

We are at shots every other week for the next six weeks. She no longer looks like a case for surgery, at least visibly, though I’m very much aware that she is still far from healed. I’m fairly sure she won’t be off-leash outside of the house until the new year, it’s just too big of a risk to take to set her back to the start, or worse, have it blow entirely to require the surgery. My vet was fine with going with conservative managment for her, with the caveat that the knee may still require surgery one day.. luckily I do understand him, though it’s a major drag for all of us if that ends up being the case, especially since so many dogs will blow out the second knee within months of operating on the first.. I’m hoping for some dramatic advancements in the surgery, maybe even some sort of stem cell therapy for her in the future as opposed to the current “saw the bone in half, rotate it and screw a metal plate in it”.. too harsh… Anyway, the good news is today is the first day where she has shown absolutely no signs of injury, no limping, even weight bearing, it’s been a banner day.. I know tomorrow probably won’t be as good, but if the good times start, and return, hopefully more frequently then we are on the right path..

Next week Dana and I are off to Seattle for a couple of days for the Northwest NeedleMarket show. It’s always a pleasant laid back show, or has been so far! I don’t really need her help, but I figure it will be a good experience for her, and this way I actually get to leave the hotel room rather than be stuck there the whole time. I’ve actually yet to see Seattle itself, since I have to pay a small fortune for doggie daycare while I’m out of town, I rarely take a moment longer than required when I’m away. Maybe this time we’ll leave the hotel for dinner or something.. One thing I’ve definately fallen in love with there is this – the Seattle Airport – isn’t this stunning? I think it’s way cool..

seattle airport terminal

seattle airport terminal

My new favorite show? “The greatest American Dog” Reality TV for Dogs.. OMG, I stumbled on this show last week, I had Freia do the tricks they had to do to be top dog, she would have kicked their butts.. except on the “heel” not her strong point.. and she probably would have growled at the humans too.. but she has potential! Great show, if you are a dog owner, I recommend it – for god-awful reality tv it was actually entertaining, and it’s all the same crazy people that you see at the dog park.. same “my dog is a great dog and would never pick a fight” attitude..  ..they’re everywhere…. Freia can be a real pain, but at least I don’t deny it – well, not all the time!


Chocolate and Zucchini May 20, 2007

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Heard about this site on NPR as I was running out the door to take Freia out. I rushed home as soon as I could to scope it out.. This site is a HUGE time sucker, be warned if you start browsing around, it’s one of those where one thing leads to another and then another.. wow – don’t say I didn’t warn you…
Chocolate and Zucchini

Hmm.. this is my second post with chocolate in the title, do you think there’s something to it?


Carly and the Chocolate Factory April 8, 2007

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Susie and I went for a walk/photo shoot in the cemetery to photograph my new felted mitten design – pictures to come later – after we were done, I had to drop off a kit for a customer at Article Pract, and Susie spotted a new chocolate shop..

But it’s a sectret.. sort of.

Next time you visit Article Pract, go in the afternoon so that you can also experience two wonderful neighbors. Doña Tomás, at 5004 Telegraph, about 3 or 4 doors down from the yarn shop, only open for dinner from 5:30, but sooo good! They have a lovely patio/courtyard to eat at and if the weather is just right, you feel like you are in Mexico!

chocolate machineAnd here’s the secret – in that courtyard (on your right as you enter) go into the side door, it’s the littlest chocolate factory in the world! You have entered Cosmic Chocolate

Yummy! The chocolate is divine, the flavors are beyond delicate – so maybe best to try it before you hit the Mexican restaurant as you won’t be able to enjoy the subtle flavors.

choc rackThe chocolates are all made here, you can peek in and see this amazing chocolate machine they brought from Belgium, the aroma emanating from the melted chocolate as it’s being stirred is a taste of heaven!

CosmicNext to the machine are racks of finished chocolates waiting to be boxed up. With all sorts of colors and flavors and names like Shangrila, Cosmic Bliss, Beaming Buddha, Cuban Moon, Shimmering Fizz and Blushing Geisha, this is not your average chocolatier!

Here they are, all boxed up and ready to go. You can purchase directly from the factory itself, and in all likeyhood, it will be Carly (who I believe is the founder of the company) who will help you make your selection. If you won’t be in the neighborhood, you can always order from their website store at


Cosmic Bliss Hearts

I got this one to start, containing Cinnamon Honey, Espresso Cognac, Hazelnut and Peanut Butter. My favorites were the Hazelnut and the Cinnamon Honey, Scrumptious!