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And a little bit ‘o knitting.. December 1, 2008

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Elfin Booties

Elfin Booties

Now that my head is not quite so wrapped around Freia’s leg issues I’m able to actually get some knitting done. I’ve also come to realise that I appear to be one of those that would have “works well under pressure” on my resume, except it should be modified to say “designs well under pressure”. I’ve been producing new things at a bit of a breakneck speed lately and these are some of my best ideas yet.. I think..

Here they are in reverse order. The lastest completed design is for the Elfin Booties. Cute, eh? I released these last wednesday thinking “meh, we’ll see what happens, it’s a travel day before a giant holiday”. whoa.. I was wrong. This was the MOST successful pattern release ever of mine! I’m shocked, humbled and grateful! They are awfully fun to make, I’ve made a bunch already just in testing the pattern. One thing I learned from this.. almost the hard way, but thankfully not quite… Louet Riverstone yarn felts A LOT faster than Cascade 220. The above are in Cascade 220. Later, I made a pair for myself in the Riverstone and just caught them in time. They fit me perfectly, but 2 minutes longer in the washing machine and they would have been too small.



Another project that is finished – the knitting part – I still have to write up the pattern – are the Flore Bloomers. I had these with me at Stitches East and just pulled them out of my suitcase for photography for the 2009 Catalog that I’m also working on right now. Pattern will be coming soon, I have one other thing ahead of these but they should be ready soon-ish.. In case you didn’t already figure it out, these are meant to coordinate with my Flore Petal Hat – I have a little sweater in mind too, so stay tuned..

The final project that is making some real headway again is the Ophelia Shrug. This was something I started a while back but then lost my mojo. Well I’m deeply and very much in like with this project again and I can’t wait to get it done so I can wear it! I’m using Noro Silk Garden that I got from Laurie at Greenwich Yarn in the city. I love these colors and I think they work very nicely with the stitch patterns and the design. I have one more sleeve to go and it’s taking all my will power to not work on it this afternoon but to wait until my knitting group tonight. Here’s a taste:

Ophelia close up

Ophelia close up

Ophelia - big picture

Ophelia - big picture

I was concerned about the sizing, it was looking a little big so I was starting to dread undoing it, but I got a little smart and instead of just beginning to unwind, I partially pulled out one needle to try it on, and phew! It was just right. This meant I had to reinsert the needle in a million (well, 250) stitches, but better than reknitting 30 rows of 200+ stitches. I also took some time yesterday and filmed a short tutorial on how to do the stitch pattern particular to this design. Once that is edited I will put it up. So.. pattern is written, I just have to finish up the knitting, double check my numbers and it’s good to go. Yay!


As the world turns.. and the cycle repeats once more October 20, 2008

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Have started on the new stuff for the next TNNA show, still trying to find my creative stride though. Tis’ the season, the work begins now to be ready for the upcoming show, if I can only get my mind in gear. Of course every time I say that I end up in some wild creative streak and I relax a bit, till that new idea is done and then I have doubts and feel that I need to be making more. As it is though I have about 5 or 6 new ideas in different stages. This one somersaulted over them all though, was started last week and completed last night. Now just have to write up the pattern from my notes.

This was great fun to do and though I only intended to do the scarf and beret (sorry, if I could get the picture to load I’d show you, but wordpress and I are fighting over this one for some reason – here’s the stitch pattern anyway, that’ll have to do you for now) , I got a bit of a wild hair to knit up a fun slouchy sweater too.. Maybe I’ll hit up the yarn company for the yarn for that one.. I mean, they did offer and all. Might as well save myself a penny or two.

The new problem I find I’m running into now is that I think I’m getting the beginnings of arthritis in one thumb. Hardly surprising with 35 years of knitting under my belt, and what with doing it for a living for the last 6 years, and off and on for another 15 before that. I’m torn between resting my hand, taking meds or just icing it when it gets bad. At the moment I’m just dealing with it, or maybe that’s called denial. It’s annoying is what it is.

Other stuff also going on – got a call on Friday morning from my freight company if my stuff was ready to go for Stitches East.. err.. sorry? Today? Like Now?  well.. no, it’s not. I thought they were scheduled for Monday. oops. Fortunately they were flexible enough to reschedule which allowed me the weekend to pack for the show.

Getting it all on the pallet is an exercise in puzzle-building – somehow I got it all on there – I dread to think how heavy it must be.. I’m reckoning about 600 lbs this time. If you’re reading this and you’re going to Stitches East, please stop by my booth and buy something so I don’t have to ship it all back with me!

Here’s Freia doing her favorite thing – guarding the “stuff”. Good dog!

She’s still on restriction, though as always, I appear to have the willpower of a gnat, I’ve started her on longer walks, just a bit and she’s doing fine. I also scheduled her for an appt with an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion and maybe even surgery.. ugh.


Happiness is a wall of new yarn October 10, 2008

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A Rather Serious Hat October 1, 2008

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I’ve just posted a new kit colorway of the Flore Hat. A request I’ve heard many times is for a version for a boy. I pointed customers to the Peapod and Bluebell, but I think this new one, Buckeye, may fit the bill (or Bill) too.

I’ve been told the colors make it “serious looking”, hence the title of this post. Yes, I suppose knitting can be serious business after all.

Related to this I’ve added a clip to YouTube on how this hat is made. Check it out..

P.S. In the video I’m wearing the cable sweater that I wrote about in this post. I should probably write up that pattern too one of these days.


Knitting Tip #8 – Increasing and Decreasing – Bramble and Stanley September 12, 2008

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OK, so by now you’ve probably figured out my other newest obsession (in addition to swimming) is my new little video cam.

This new tutorial covers the increases and decreases that we used on Bramble and Stanley. Sonya and I went around in circles on this one a bit as I preferred a less visible increase for the designs over the standard kfb that she had used throughout. She caved compromised and allowed me to make the edits to her design. Of course, I picked an invisible increase that is a little less common and it has led to a few confused emails from customers. Hopefully to ease this “pain” this new tutorial will show all the increases and decreases used throughout these two designs. Some of it most of you will already know (k2tog/ssk) but others may be new to you.

Let me know what you think!


Knitting Tip #7 – Tuck Stitch – Ripley Hat

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One question I get a lot at trade shows is on how the ridges on the Ripley Hat are created. My standing response is: “I could tell you but.. ” or “Guess you’ll have to buy the pattern!”. But then I of course give a quick explanation.

Hopefully by creating this video I’m not completely shooting myself in the foot here and people will continue to buy this pattern after I post the video! I feel a bit as though I’m giving away a trade secret – although, ultimately, the tuck stitch is really nothing new.. I certainly didn’t invent or unvent it.

So, here’s the new tutorial – enjoy! (Tell me what you think by leaving a comment – or go to the video on YouTube and give me a star or two.. – if you like it!)


Knitting Tip #6 – Knitting a Braided Edge September 7, 2008

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In this tutorial you will learn how to do a two-color cast on using the long-tail cast on method, followed by instructions on how to create a knitted braid – I bet it’s easier than you think!
To order the pattern or kit featured in this tutorial, visit (available in 3 colorways).

Let us know what you think of our tutorial!
Happy Knitting,